Is No Medical Exam Life Insurance Advantageous for Seniors?

Many people ask if they should buy no medical exam life insurance for seniors. Purchasing life insurance without going through tiresome medical examinations is more convenient, but seniors can purchase other types of coverage too. They should not limit themselves to only one type of coverage.

senior couple financial planning imagesNo all senior citizens are the same. Some have medical problems, while others are healthy. Some have high incomes, while others have limited financial possibilities. When choosing a plan, you should ask several questions, not only one:

  • Do I need life insurance?
  • Can I afford no medical exam life insurance?
  • Can I qualify for that policy?
  • Do I know enough about life insurance?

We will try to answer all of the above issues. For starters, it is important to consider purchasing coverage during retirement. Funeral expenses are very high; a family is expected to pay over $9,000 for a burial ceremony. If you or your relatives do not have enough money saved for last expenses, purchasing a plan can be a good idea.

Can you afford no medical exam life insurance for seniors? This type of coverage is more expensive than traditional plan. However, there is a way to cut costs: compare quotes online. We have connections with several agencies that provide us with their best quotes. We have helped many seniors purchase coverage at affordable rates.

No medical exam life insurance has a simple application process and your chances of qualifying for coverage are very high. The application process is made out of a single questionnaire which you have to complete. The questionnaire can be completed online. The answers you provide will be used by the agency to calculate rates. An agency may also look into your medical history.

We cannot say how much you know about life coverage, but we do know one simple fact: our website has everything you need to know as much as possible about life insurance.

Our website does not sell life insurance, but we can help you find affordable coverage. Visit us and compare free online no medical exam life insurance quotes from top providers.